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PR - 1677


Document Cases



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We are manufacturer of transparent document cases in different sizes

- The A-4 size document case adds style to individuals personality with the pragmatic look that it gives to the documents carried. It has ample space to carry important documents like share certificate, company profile and one could even slip in a scale, writing instruments as well as a cell phone.

- The A-5 size document case is fro the one who needs to carry the few essentials for an important meeting. It is perfect in size for a notepad, writing instruments, cheque books and other small articles. Its clear and transparent vision adds a zest to an individual's personality.

- The legal size document case is for the one, who not only values presenting the best in papers but also in person. It has room for all your legal documents and agreements

- The computer stationery size document case is for the ever - troubled accountants. Store or carry your important billing statements, banking statements, accounting sheets and so on. Make life easier a well organized. Gives the sheets enough room so as to, not to be folded or crumpled.