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With the advent of high rise buildings accomodating offices, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, clubs, schools and other public places, it has become imperative to use light weight, space saving, Fire moisture and termite resistant products, the answer is Our PVC profiles. Our PVC profiles systems and structural elements for partitions, panellings, doors, windows and false ceilings are available in innovative designs and in wide range of colours. We have more than 40 sections for different uses. R-PVC profiles are available in various designs and colour to meet the requirement of building and office interior works like Doors, partitions, wall panelling, false ceilings and cabinets etc. The fabrication of R-PVC profile is very quick and easy. The wider colour range provides infinite combinations as per asthetic requirement and is very economical, elegant, beautiful. Market demand is growing very fast pace. The special features of R-PVC profiles are:

1. Water & Moisture resistance.

2. Fire retardant

3. Chemical & Corrosion Resistance

4. Easy Installation

5. Money Saver.

6. Termite Proof