For Sale - PR - 1957 - Double-Sided Tapes for Flexographic Plate Mounting


Reference Number

PR - 1957


Double-Sided Tapes for Flexographic Plate Mounting



Product Details

Specialty Tapes Industry also carries a full range of double-coated tapes for flexographic plate mounting. This tape is made from cotton fabric/UPVC film or foams depending upon printing quality and have paper/PET or corrugated PVC release film to avoid air bubbles on the adhesive surface.
- Double coated transplant film tapes are used for mounting photo polymer or rubber printing plates to cylinder or sleeve systems in flexographic printing industry. It gives excellent performance for line and solid work printing.
Double sided cotton cloth tape with rubber adhesive is designed for mounting rubber stereo (mould) and rougher plates other than photo polymer.
Double side compressible foam mounting is made to give an higher quality impression and combination printing result. Foam backing gives more even ink coverage in solid area and less dot gain as well as better reproduction in the half tone area.