For Sale - PR - 2052 - Drip Irrigation LLDPE Lateral Pipes and Drippers


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PR - 2052


Drip Irrigation LLDPE Lateral Pipes and Drippers



Product Details

Sudhakar Plastic Ltd. manufactures LLDPE pipes of 12 mm & 16 mm with working pressure of 2.5kgf/cm2 and emitters (drippers) 4LPH and 8LPH confirming to IS: 12786: 92 and 13487:1992 specifications. Sudhakar LLDPE pipes are normally manufactured in uniform length of 500 meters. Varied lengths can be manufactured according to customer requirements.

Features & advantages:
- 100 percent of the water is utilized, since water is released directly to the roots of plant.
- Yield is increased by 30 percent to 50 percent as the water is calculatedly released regularly in a scientific method.
- 50 percent to 70 percent water is saved in this system; so more area can be brought under cultivation.
- In this system only the required amount of water is supplied to the root zone, which avoids percolation and minimizes the growth of weeds. This system require less number of labourers, hence, it saves the expenditure on labour.
- This system saves fertilizer consumption by 30 percent to 50 percent.
- Due to the regularized and required amount of water supply better utilization of the water and better yield is assured.

Sudhakar drip irrigation system is very useful for all plantation crops like mango, lime, orange, citrus, grape, pappaya, berry, coconut, sapo dilla etc.. Vegetable farms
cash crops like tea, coffee and oil palms etc. Sudhakar drip irrigation systems works well in all types of water, soil and climatic conditions.

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