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Drip Irrigation Systems and Parts



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Low Flow Systems - Low flow systems are used primarily to save water and energy. But they can also provide superior crop production, especially with fruits and vegetables because the water outlets are very small, these systems require filters. Usually fertilizers and other chemicals are injected into the system. Frequently these systems are automated.

Drip Irrigation Emitters place one drop of water at a time. IEC- Rain Bird emitters are fully pressure compensating, Self flushing, with Choice-Coded flow rates of 2, 4 & 8 LPH and are resistant to Agricultural Chemicals and ultra violet rays. The type and size of the crop determine how many emitters are needed. Filtration of the water and proper chemical injection are with emitters systems.
Types of Crops: Trees, Row Crops, Nurseries, Vines, Greenhouses

Strip Tubing - These systems are the newest form of modern irrigation. Strip tubing, also called Rain Tape, is placed near the base of the plant, on the surface, or buried. Rain tape offers a unique emitter feature abbreviated TPC which stands for Turbulent Pressure Compensation. This feature enables Rain Tape TPC to provide clog resistance, higher emission uniformity and longer run too.
Types of Crops: Row Crops, Greenhouses, Nurseries

Micro Sprays: These small sprays are usually installed on a stake under small to medium trees or under vines, one or two per tree or vine. Their area of coverage is less than a spinner.
Types of Crops: Trees, Greenhouses, Vines, Nurseries

Micro Spinners: These small spinners are usually installed on a stake under medium to large trees, one per tree. The spinner provides greater distance of throw with low flow rates.
Types of Crops: Trees, Greenhouses, Nurseries

Bubblers: These systems provide more water than other types of low flow systems within a very small area under each tree. Usually a basin is formed under the tree, and the bubbler fills this basin with water. Bubblers require less filtration of the water than other types of low flow irrigation.
Types of Crops: Trees, Dates

Sprinkler & Gun Systems

These systems use a piping system throughout the field. The sprinklers or guns are mounted on vertical pipe (called risers) that are spaced apart about equal to the radius of water throw. There are three types of Sprinkler and Gun Systems:
- Permanent - The piping system is installed permanently, usually below ground.
- Solid Set - The piping is above ground, covers the entire field, and is removed from the field only at the end of the crop season.
- Portable - The piping is above ground, but covers only part of the field, and is moved to another section of the field after each irrigation cycle.

Permanent and solid set systems are frequently automated.

Types of Equipment:
- ½, ¾, 1 and 1¼ inches Sprinklers
- 2, 3 and 4 inches Rain Gun Sprinklers

Types of Crops: All types of crops