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PR - 2080


Duracotta Tableware Products


South America

Product Details

Based on our traditional and original kitchens, we present the new line of duracotta tableware products with great pride and respect for our own customs.

- Tortilla press
- Tortilla server
- Molcajete N4 or mortar
- Molcajete N5 or mortar
- Set of 4 Molcajetes
- Set of 2 beer mugs
- Set of soup bowl medium
- Set of soup bowl large
- Set salsa servers fiesta
- Oval plate
- Set of 3 rings salsa servers
- Set of 2 rings salsa servers
- Set of taco server
- Set of sauce server
- Chopping board
- Set full tableware deluxe
- Set full tableware super deluxe

The Duracotta products are made with a very special state of the art process, with new age materials and new technologies having as result the following characteristics:
- Look and appearance of terracotta fired clay
- Very resistant, unbreakable
- Microwave use
- Washable
- Freezer resistant
- Thermic
- Ecologic
- Durable

Tortilla Press:
Used for flour or corn, tacos, burritos chalupas, great on burgers and paddies, and many more uses.

Tortilla Server:
Used originally for tortillas, have found many uses, use it with or without the lid.

Soup Bowls:
Enjoy your favorite soup or broth, ideal also for cereal, beans, seafood, oats, fruits, vegetables, etc.

Great for cold beer or drinks, but also great for hot beverages like coffee, chocolate, etc insulated.