For Sale - PR - 1925 - Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Sheet


Reference Number

PR - 1925


Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Sheet


Gujarat, India

Product Details

We manufacturing all kinds of thermoplastic sheets Like HDPE sheet, LDPE sheet, PP sheet, TPO sheet, HIPS sheet, EVA sheet etc., we have our four sheet plants and qualified technical staff.

Sheets Specification:
- Thickness ranging from 0.60mm to 5.00mm.
- Width is maximum 59 Inches (1500mm).
- Length is custom-made.

Our EVA sheets are innovative, soft and elastic plastics it can be transparent that replaces PVC and rubber sheets. It is free from the embitterment and toxic problems. Unlike the PVC sheet, no plasticizer evaporates or flows out. EVA Sheets are extensively used as Place Mat for Work Table and Drawer and Shelves Mat because of it is non toxic & non slip dotted surface finish unlike PVC. EVA Sheets are used as Strip curtains to reduce energy cost, help improve employee comfort and reduce dust and debris and it can be used in food industries and hospital because of its non toxic unlike PVC Strip curtains.