For Sale - PR - 2102 - Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Sheets (EVA Sheet)


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PR - 2102


Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Sheets (EVA Sheet)



Product Details

EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) sheets are innovative, soft and elastic plastic sheets which replaces conventional PVC and rubber sheets. It is free from the ernbritttement and toxic problems. Unlike the PVC sheet, no plasticizers evaporate or flow out. It is also free from the ozone depletion problem state the rubber sheet has. EVA sheet is highly cold-resistive, having better environmental stress crack resistance and light weight and non-toxic. The EVA sheet is moisture barrier and having non slip surface that has been used for the long time in the construction industry.

- Thickness: 0.5mm
- Max. width: 600mm
- Length is custom made

EVA sheets are extensively used as place mat for work table and drawer mat because of it is non toxic and non stop dotted surface finish unlike PVC. EVA sheets are used as strip curtains to reduce energy cost help improve employee comfort and reduce dust and debts and it can be used in food industries and hospital because of its non toxic unlike PVC strip curtains.

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