Required - PR - 1579 - FIBC Bags for Food


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PR - 1579


FIBC Bags for Food


India / USA

Product Details

We are one of the leading MNC food company in the world. Our global sourcing cell is looking for manufacturers of FIBC bags.

Manufacturer must have AIB (American Institute of Baking) certification, Metal detection capability and well-equipped testing facility.

General Bulk Bag Specification: -

- Regulatory Requirements: This ingredient shall be of food grade and in all respects, including labeling, in compliance with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act of 1938 as amended and all applicable regulations there under

- Kosher Status: Does not violate kosher requirements

- Needle Control Requirements: All bulk bag manufactures are to have a needle control program capable of accounting for each needle dispensed to manufacturing against the number of dull and broken needles disposed of.

- Metal Detection Requirements: All bulk bag manufacturers are to have a metal detector capable of detecting a 2 mm 316 stainless steel sphere

- Bag Foot Print Dimension: Each bag shall have a footprint of 35 inches by 41 inches. The Height of the bag will vary depending on the density of the ingredient and the requirements. Maximum height 55 inches

- Safety Rating: Bag is to meet a minimum safety rating of 5:1.A. Filled bag weighing 2400 lbs is to be capable of withstanding a 12,000 lb static force without failure when bag is suspended by its four lifting loops. Bags may not be reused.

- Lifting Loops: The bag will have four lifting loops. One loop will be located on each of the four corners of the bag. Lifting loops must be constructed of 2-inch wide polypropylene webbing with a minimum tensile strength of 5000 lbs.

Defining Characteristics Of General Bags: -

- Bag Dimension: Panel size is defined in the Bags GMI name and will measured in inches between the seams. Bag dimensions shall be printed on the bag manufacturers identification tag, which is to be sewn into a seam of the bag.

- Document Pouch: The bulk bag supplier shall attach two 11 x 15 inch clear documentation pouches, which are no smaller than 11 x 15 inches to each bag. Each pouch shall be sewn onto the center of the bag, 10 to 12 inches below the top seam, on two adjacent sides. On bags taller than 65 inches, the pouch shall be sewn 40 inches from
The top seam. The pouch shall have three sides pre-sealed. The fourth side shall have a self-sealing feature and shall be located on the short side of the pouch. The pouch shall be placed horizontally on the bag, the long edge across the top. Stitching shall be within 1/2 inch of the top of the pouch.

- Bag Fabric: The fabric shall be white woven finless polypropylene. The sides, bottom and the protective flap on the port hole bags are to be 5.0 to 6.5 ox/sq yd and the tops are to be 3 oz/sq yd. The fabric may have either a double strength band running the length of the bag or be folded double for strap attachment. Bags must conform to ASTM testing and methods for tensile strength, Mullen burst strength, trapezoid tear strength, percent elongation, and puncture.

- UV Resistance: Bags are to be constructed from polypropylene fabric containing inhibitors for resistance to ultraviolet deterioration. The bag fabric must retain not less than 70% after 1200 hours of exposure in a weather meter in accordance with Method 5804 of Federal Standard 191.

(The loops shall not fail in advance of the fabric). The length of the loop above the bag will be 8 inches, minimum; at its apex from the bag when filled and empty. The color of the loops is not specified. There shall be a 1 to 1 1/2 inch wide webbing band, with a 2500 lb bursting strength, around the top perimeter of the bag for reinforcement.

- Fill Spout: The fill spout shall be 16 inches in diameter and not shorter than 24 inches. The Spout shall be constructed of a minimum of 3 oz/sq yd white, woven polypropylene and attached to the top panel with a folded seam with the stitching to the outside of the bag. The spout shall have a simple unfolded side seam with stitches to the outside. The spout's free end must be either over edged, heat-sealed or other wise secured from fraying. A tie ribbon must be attached to the spout 4 to 6 inches above the top of the bag.

- Top: Top shall be of 3 oz/sq. yd white, woven polypropylene and attached to side panels with folded seam with stitches to the outside with zero pleating.

- Side And Bottom Seams: Side and bottom seams shall be sewn together utilizing 60 lb break strength polypropylene thread or double sew lines utilizing 2600 denier high density (>7.5 grams/denier) polypropylene multi-filament thread. Side and bottom seams are to have fill tape (a.k.a. gasket, bias) with tight stitching to prevent the contents from sifting through with zero pleating. (Glue is NOT to be used to fill pleating.) The fill
Tape is not required in the seams of the port hole. All edges are to be folded over and double stitched.

- Porthole Requirements: Porthole diameter shall be a minimum of 20 inches. The edges of the port will be folded and stitched, (heat cut port holes are not permitted) A 6 mil panel of polyethylene whose edges shall be folded and sewn into the bottom seams is to cover the inside bottom of the bag. The liner shall be only one thickness to allow for a clean penetration during discharge.

- All ingredients shall be contained within the bounds of the bulk bag (i.e. the liner and ingredient shall not herniated through the port hole)

- Porthole Flap Requirement: Porthole style discharge bags with an unattached shall have a protective flap covering the entire bottom (diaper) of the bag, which shall be tied in place during storage and transportation. The bag shall contain four polypropylene tie back loops. Two loops shall hold the flap in place during shipment and storage. Two loops shall be placed in the side seams at the appropriate height to allow the protective flap to be tied back during discharge.

- Discharge Spout Requirement: Shall be made of a minimum of 3 oz/sq yd white, woven polypropylene fabric.

- Spout shall be double-walled to provide protective draw ribbon cover in one piece construction. The draw ribbon must be tacked to the bag.

- The spout attachment to the bag's bottom and side seam shall be a simple seam with the stitches to the outside.