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PR - 439


Gas Distribution Pipes



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Gas Distribution Pipes

We are introducing a new generation of MDPE pipes for gas distribution networks, based on the guidelines contained in the BIS draft proposal for specification on "Buried PE pipes for the supply of gaseous fuels".

The PE Gas pipes manufactured out of Cadmium free, yellow MDPE designated as ELTEX TUB-172, PE-80, are tested under a fully integrated Quality Assurance System. Our MDPE pipes are ideally suited for transportation of petroleum products like natural gas and coal gas from source to user.

Advantages of MDPE Pipes :

* Ideal substitute for CI and concrete pipes, owing to its flexibility and resistance to chemical, abrasion, rodents etc.

* Later modification and easy repair of the piping system possible.

* Long life, tough & ductile with good creep properties.

* Higher strength and resistance against rapid crack propagation & slow crack propagation.

* Higher resistance to notch cracks & very low gas permeation.

* Smooth interior surface- No deposition, encrustation & leaching.

* Resistance to aggressive media, soil and frost.


Jointing through electro fusion welding to form leak proof joints.


Our MDPE pipes and fittings are available from 16mm to 315mm as per ISO:4437, IS:14885-2001 in varying pressures of SDR: 9,11,13,6 & 17.6