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PR - 442


HDPE Industrial Pipes



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HDPE Industrial Pipes

The heavy-duty industrial pipe systems made of High Density Poly Ethylene(HDPE) are the most advanced means for transportaion of potable water and diverse industrial applications including chilled water lines; sewerage & drainage; transport of abrasive slurry, mineral ores, wood pulp, etc.; process lines for corrosive chemicals; food processing lines including edible oils, juices, etc.

Our HDPE pipes have also found application in sprinkler irrigation systems, sand stowing in mines, transportation of molasses in sugar industry, boiler ash disposal systems in power plants, submarine piping system for sea water intake, floating dredge pipes for on-shore and off-shore applications, among many others.

Product Range

Our HDPE pipes & fittings are available in range of sizes from 20mm to 630mm conforming to relevant standards to suit diverse applications.

Advantages of HDPE Pipes and Fittings

* Lightweight and easily transportable- leading to savings in time & costs.

* Resistance to chemicals makes the pipes suitable for industrial applications.

* Pressure loss due to frictional resistance is comparatively less due to smooth inner surface.

* Elastic, flexible & practically unbreakable. Impact resistant even at sub-zero temperatures.

* Higher, resistance to abrasion. Has four times the life of Mild Steel pipes.

* Can be exposed to temperatures up to 80ºC for prolonged periods and even up to 120ºC depending on load and duration of exposure.

* Narrow and low melting range because of its crystalline nature.

* Trouble-free service due to high burst strength.

* 50 years life expectancy- much more than conventional pipes.


Butt welding - a process of jointing under the influence of heat and pressure, is used for uniting the pipes. Also called heated-tool welding, it allows monolithic lengths of the pipes with joints as strong as any part of the system. No leakage with proper jointing.