For Sale - PR - 722 - Hologram - Security Sticker


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PR - 722


Hologram - Security Sticker



Product Details

* We are a solution provider in Hologram technology. We supply wide range of customized Holograms & Holography products to all types of corporates, highly qualified and experienced professionals to provide you innovative designs of your products. We undertake the customer's order for very large quantities to even small quantities. However, we promise a consistent quality product with quick deliveries.

What is Hologram ?

* Hologram:- A Unique Security Sticker to protect genuineness of branded products/documents against spurious imitations/duplicates. Their depth and pure spectral colours cannot be reproduced in printing or photography nor they can be transferred from one surface to another.

* Hologram asssures your customer that the product is Genuine and will perform as promised.

* Hologram ensures, maintains and enhances Genuine sales.

* Hologram attracts attention , uplifts, visual appeal by giving product packaging 'Positive Visibility'.

* Hologram are difficult to duplicate. Therefore have become integrated into many government and commercial security programs. They have been attached to official documents, currency, and even tickets, ID cards, credit cards, product packaging and computer peripherals.

Applications of Holograms:-

* Security Seals - Share Certificates, Debentures, Identity cards, Credit cards, Passports, Cheques, Bonds, Visas, Driving Licenses, Currency & Stamps.

* Industrial - Spare Parts, Electronic Parts, Computer Peripherals, switches, panel etc.

* Corporate Stationery - Letterheads, Visiting Cards, Brochures, Annual Reports, Book Covers.

* Premium Gifts - Pens & Pencils, Calendars, Watches, Keychains, Wall Hangings.

* Stickers - Decorative Stickers, Religious Greeting & Invitation Cards, Jewellery & Pendants.