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PR - 1688


Holographic Products

Product Details

Holographic Seals:
- Customized design self adhesive tamper evident labels with multiple security features make them really fool proof
- Most apt choice for authentication and security of branded products and valuable documents
- A choice of tamper evident properties - full release, partial release, Chequered patterns / Void
- Holographic images can be leveraged for publicity purposes.
- Seals are supplied in sheet and roll form in different shapes and sizes.

Holographic Strip (On Line):
- Holographic Tamper Evident strips with customised security features.
- Supplied in a roll form with heat activated adhesives.
- Holographic strips can be applied by a custom designed Applicator attachment maintaining prevalent productivity levels & with utmost convenience.

Holographic Strip (Off Line):
- Transfer of holographic image by a specialized machine in a strip form on the substrate in a roll form.
- The unique transfer process makes the holographic image scratch resistant.
- Holographic image can be transferred on varied materials like PVC, PET, BOPP, Paper, Aluminum, HDPE, LDPE etc. in multiple ups.

Holographic Hot Stamping Foils:
- Registered or continuous designs of customised holographic images supplied in roll form.
- Holographic image transferred on different substrates at specific location to authenticate the product or document.
- Multiple colours can be provided in sync with aesthetics & specific requirement of packaging.

Holographic Wads:
- Induction sealing wads with customized holographic image provides unique authentication.
- Adulteration or pilferage can be effectively prevented by usage of holographic sealing wads.
- Holographic customized design can be incorporated in different types of induction sealing wads as per the packaging requirement.

Holographic Shrink Sleeves
- Printed or unprinted shrink sleeves with holographic strip supplied in roll form, cut sleeves or as a perform.
- Micro perforations can be provided for user convenience and as an