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Face Shield



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Protective PET Face Shield:-
We are an integrated packaging company in PET and PVC.
We have designed Face Shield for frontline Corona fighters including doctors, hospital staff, policemen & many.

1) High Quality:-
Design covers all guidelines issued by World Health Organization (WHO) & Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India

2) Scalable:-
Design can achieve scale of production of 100,000 pieces per day using our existing infrastructure of European machines

3) Secure:-
Most of the face shields available today cover only mouth, nose & eyes whereas our design covers ears as well.

4) Reusable:-
Each Prime Face Shield can be reused after an easy sanitization process

5) Standard:-
Prime Face Shield comes with adjustable strap to fit all people. It helps avoid making different sizes & allows us to produce without change overs.

6) Recyclable:-
Each Prime Face Shield is produced using 2 PET bottles with virgin PET as the contact layer. It is 100% recyclable.

7) Lightweight:-
Prime Face Shield weight is only 45 gm which becomes easy to carry for a whole day without irritation.

8) Easy to use:-
Prime Face Shield is easy to use & doesn’t require any training to use.

In these critical times the main challenge is availability of protection kits.
The conventional design uses 3 or more materials which was a hindrance to scale of production.
Prime Face Shield uses just one material called PET with ready to use FOAM.
The simplicity in design is helping us to grow our capacity at faster pace.

Face Shield For Corona Virus Protection
Face Shield – A more effective deterrent than Face Mask

Product Specifications:
Size:- (W) 420 x (H) 230 mm
Quantity:- 100 pcs per Carton
Composition:- PVC/ PET Materials
Colour:- Clear Transparent

Suitable for:
Medical Professionals
Retail Staff/ Street Vendors
General Citizens in public places