Required - PR - 1606 - Multilayer Barrier Film For Food Products


Reference Number

PR - 1606


Multilayer Barrier Film For Food Products



Product Details

We need barrier film for fresh meat, fruit, or vegetable packaging.

We currently have a 3 mils or 75 microns film product that has the following barrier properties:

MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate) = 0.35 gram/100 inch2/day @90%RH
OTR (Oxygen Transmission Rate) = 160 cc/100 inch2/day

I am looking for a 1.75 mils or 45 microns replacement film that has barrier properties better than the film we are using today. Tear, puncture, and tensile strength in both machine and transverse directions are also
important for us to consider.

We also like this film to be soft and heat

I am also looking for a 1.15 mils or 30 microns film that has much higher
MVTR and OTR than the film described above.

Sample size: 12 inches by 50 feet will be ideal but 10 inches wide film is ok as well