For Sale - PR - 1695 - Open Top and Half Open Top Drums


Reference Numbers

PR - 1695


Open Top and Half Open Top Drums


India, UAE

Product Details

Our open top plastic drums offer an easier way to package powder, viscous and semi-solid products. They combine safety, cost effectiveness and operational ease to offer unique advantage to the users.

Features - Open Top (IOT) Drums
- World standard Open Top Drum Design
- Simple closing / opening mechanism with snap fit clamping ring
- Excellent drop impact and stacking strength
- Leak proof
- Odourless and non-toxic, best for food products
- Right sizes for optimum export container utilization
- Conforms to IS: 6312 and UNO / IMDG Code

Features - Half Open Top (Hot) Drums
- Suited for packing liquid, semi-solid and viscous products
- Wide (9") opening for quick filling
- 2 XL - Rings (Top and Bottom) for easy handling
- Special top profile for complete emptying
- Economical alternate to Open Top Drums