For Sale - PR - 1942 - PET Preforms


Reference Number

PR - 1942


PET Preforms



Product Details

PET preforms for blowing PET bottles
A wide range of designs and also customized designs as per customer requirements.
Mainly used for packing of the following
- Alcoholic Beverages: Fruit Juices/Pulps/Concentrates
- Edible Oil: Vegetable Extracts & Juices,
- Spices & Pickles: Concentrates, Dry Fruits
- Confectionery: Tennis Ball Cans
- Pharmaceuticals: Pesticides
- Soft Drinks and sodas: Organic and Inorganic Chemicals
- Plain and Flavored Water: Herbal Powders
- Fridge Bottles: Household Cleaning Products

Our Strength:
Infrastructure: We work as an integrated organization with perfect co-ordination among various departments. Our state-of-art manufacturing unit is backed by highly qualified engineers and other skilled and semi-skilled dedicated personnel.

Quality: Our products are par with the international standards. From the procurements of the raw materials to the stage of final packaging of our products, we follow stringent quality control measures.

Pricing: Our experience in the business and integration of cost effective methods of production help us to offer our products at reasonable and competitive rates.