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PR - 2208


Pleats and Pleated Packs



Product Details

Pleated Packs are available from Aim, which can be assembled with cardboard frames to form a pleated pre-filter. The purpose of the pleats is to provide the maximum filtration area for a given volume. The pleated packs are manufactured to meet a variety of customer needs, as per their specifications.

Features / benefits:
- Pleated Filters in synthetic non woven media is laminated with expanded metal mesh for increased structural support.
- The pleats are sold in packs of 150, 200, 250 or 500, depending on the media type. The depth of the pleats can be varied to suit customer's requirements.
- Moisture resistant synthetic media has high dust holding capacity resulting in long service life.
- Rigid, durable construction
- High initial efficiency.
- Low pressure drop.
- Excellent pleat spacing for optimum media usage.
- Available in roll form for customers who have an individual pleating machine.
- Media is procured from world-class filter media manufacturing companies.
- Medias are flame tested and certified for "No hazardous chemical ingredients".

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