For Sale - PR - 1801 - Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) Sheet


Reference Number

PR - 1801


Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) Sheet



Product Details

We are manufacturer of PVC Sheets in various grades, colours and sizes. Rigid PVC Sheet, Semi-Rigid PVC Sheet, Punching Grade, Non - Toxic Grade

Widely Used for Limitation Jewellery, Cosmetics Industry, Stationery Packing, Promotional Packaging, Gift & Novelties, Danglers, Garment Display Boards, Pharmaceutical Industry, Blister, Disposable Container, Tooth Brush Industries

The Rigid PVC mainly used in Thermoforming, Vacuum forming process for Blister packing, 3D printed posters, Jewellery boxes etc.

The Punching grade PVC widely used for making color Patti Bow, Transparent boxes for Imitation Jewellery, Garments, cosmetics, etc.

The Non-toxic grade for Food packaging is tested and approved for non-toxicity with minimized odour.

Perfectly wound and slitt rolls as per customer requirement for Tooth brush packaging, photo albums etc, with good welding properties.