For Sale - PR - 1739 - Polycarbonate Sheet


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PR - 1739


Polycarbonate Sheet



Product Details

Our PC sheets are the most versatile, high performance engineering thermoplastic sheet. Our PC sheets combine excellent optical, mechanical and physical properties to offer the most advanced thermoplastic solution for a wide range of applications.

Advantages of Polycarbonate sheets:
As clear as glass
- Robust - 250 times stronger than glass
- Light weight - less then half the weight of glass
- Good thermal insulation
- UV protected on one or both sides
- Weather proof
- Excellent service temperature ranging up to 130c
- Easily Machined
- Can be thermoformed or cold formed
- Limited chemical resistance

Leading Applications: Security glazing, Safety shielding, Sound barriers Roofing, Skylights, Bus shelters, Machine protectors, Lighting fixtures, Greenhouses, Signs.