For Sale - PR - 283 - Polypropylene Filled Sheets


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PR - 283


Polypropylene Filled Sheets



Product Details

PP Filled Sheets are Polypropylene Sheets and filled with Calcium Carbonate, Talc and other fillers which modify the mechanical properties of PP. Addition of these fillers results in better stiffness, good dimensional stability, reduced shrinkage and formability.
These properties make them suitable for applications in Building / Interior Decoration (door liners, paneling, false ceilings, wall claddings and partitions), Automobiles (door pads, roofings) and Packaging (medical supplies and pharmaceuticals).

THICKNESS (in mm.): 0.5 to 5.0
WIDTH (in mtrs.): 1 to 1.22
LENGTH (in mtrs.): 2
TEXTURES: Plain / Embossed
COLOURS: Upon request