For Sale - PR - 1922 - Polypropylene Sheets


Reference Number

PR - 1922


Polypropylene Sheets


Gujarat, India

Product Details

We manufacture all kinds of thermoplastic sheets Like HDPE sheet, LDPE sheet, PP sheet, TPO sheet, HIPS sheet, EVA sheet etc., we have our four sheet plants and qualified technical staff.

Sheets Specification:
- Thickness ranging from 0.60mm to 5.00mm.
- Width is maximum 59 Inches (1500mm).
- Length is custom-made.

These are mainly being used in Stationary for File Folders & Computer Data Binders. Video Cassettes Covers, Fish farm fixture & lining material. It has wide applications in Food Packaging like Box Fabrication two side protective layer for Beverage Cans, Thermoformed disposable cups, trays & containers, writing (black) boards and in Automobile Industries. Polypropylene Glass Lined (PPGL) sheets is PP sheet laminated with Glass Fiber - Polypropylene Woven Fabric which is used in chemical Ind. as a antic corrosive lining material & for fabrication of Vessels Ducting, Tanks.