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PR - 2054


PP-Random Piping System



Product Details

Sudhakar PP-R pipes are available in the sizes of 20, 25, 32, 40 and 50 mm. Maximum permanent operating pressure is 10 bar at 60 Degree C. Pipes are manufactured as per the norms DIN 8077 - 8078 and fittings as per DIN 16962.

PP-R Plumbing Systems:
Conventional metal pipes (G.I., C.I. and copper based) are used for hot water and other plumbing applications. PP-R pipes can replace metal pipes. These pipes are not only cost effective but has host of other advantages such as:
- Resistance to abrasion and corrosion:
a. No corrosion by acid and alkaline fluids with pH values between 1 and 14.
b. High chemical resistance.
c. High abrasion resistance - High flow velocities possible.
- High internal pressure resistance: Up to 50 years life time at 60 or 70 C and 10 bar maximum pressure.
- Drinking water: Compliance with the international standards on the use of plastic materials for the transportation of drinking water.
- Very smooth surface of pipes and fittings:
a. No lime stone or other deposits.
b. Head loss / pressure drop reduced to a minimum.
- Energy saving: Low heat conductivity of PP-R leads to 10-20 percent energy saving even without external insulation.
- Reduced condensation: Low heat conductivity reduces the condensation of water on the outer surface of cold water pipes.
- Silence / sound absorption: Considerable noice reduction in comparison to metal.
- Low weight: Easy transport and handling.
- Resistance to stay currents: PP-R has a low electrical conductivity. Perforation phenomena caused by stray currents are unknown.
- Fitness for use in seismic areas: Flexibility and toughness of the PP-R pipes allow their use in seismic areas.
- Threaded insert fittings: Water tight assemblies with other metal elements in the installation.
- Welding capacity:
a. 100 percent homogeneous connections, guaranteeing no leak, reliable and long lasting system.
b. Fast and easy installation.

- Hot and cold water supplying pipes
- Water lines
- Water purifying plants
- Lines for conveying liquid food products.
- Industrial systems.
- Conveying aggressive fluids like acids, alkaline solutions.
- Pipes for agricultural use.
- Radiator heating pipes.
- Under floor heating pipes.

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