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PR - 2444


PPR Pipes



Product Details

- World Class Plumbing systems.
- Ideal for hot & cold water application.
- Operational life over 50 years.
- Suitable for use up to 93c.
- No scaling, Rusting, corrosion or leakage.
- Cost saver.
- Best suited for extremes of Indian Climate.
- Easy & Aesthetic Installation.
- Proven across the world for year.
- Retards bacterial growth.
- Tough & reliable.
- Fire resistant Energy saver.
- Energy Saver.

- Portable water pipe networks for hot and cold installation.
- Pipe network for sanitary lines.
- Pipe networks for compressed air plants.
- Water purifying plants.
- Lines for conveying liquid food products.
- Conveying air pressure.
- Flow of aggressive fluids like acids, alkaline, solutions.
- Radiator heating pipes.
- Under floor heating pipes

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