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PR - 1832


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Silicone rubber features a high physiological indifference. Silicone catheters and drains may remain in a patient's body for 30 days without causing inflammation. Silicone products can easily bear dry sterilization in temperature even up to over 200 C, whereas in steam - up to 130 Degree C.
ยท A significant feature of silicone rubber in this product group is the property of gas permeability. Air permeability for silicone rubber in temperature of 25 Degree C is 30 times higher than for natural rubber and 400 times higher than for butyl rubber.

Products for health protection meet the following requirements:
- RFN - DIN 58367 "Rubber parts - transfusion, infusion. injection"
- DIN 58362 "Equipment - transfusion, infusion"
- USA - "Materials. Biological Tests." USA Pharmacopoeia
- Europe - "Silicone elastomers for closures and profiles"
- European Pharmacopoeia PA/PH/Exp. 3/T(82)57 defined 22.01.1985

We particularly recommend:
- Spirally reinforced pipes for anesthesiology equipment,
- Suction pipes,
-Draining pipes,
- Medical equipment parts,
- Pharmaceutical closures.