For Sale - PR - 1565 - PTFE Coated Glass Fabric


Reference Number

PR - 1565


PTFE Coated Glass Fabric



Product Details

Our high performance products are typically composed of woven glass fibers coated with PTFE. The resultant PTFE coated fabrics have the following general properties,
- Outstanding temperature resistance (From -170 degree Celsius to +260 degree Celsius)
- Excellent chemical resistance
- Superior non-stick surface, easy to clean
- High dielectric strength
- Dimensional stability
- Resistance to UV, IR and HF
- Non-toxic

Premium Series - High quality glass fabrics combined with specially formulated high level of PTFE content to produce super smooth, high-gloss surface coating. It has also good abrasion resistance and tensile strength. Applications may include laminate-release sheets, belting for food, electrical insulation and industrial processing. These products can be used in direct contact with food.

Standard Series - These products provide a superior non-stick surface to achieve performance in a wide variety of applications with a lower cost alternative to our premium series. These products can be used in direct contact with food.

Industrial Series - This line combines quality glass fabrics with medium level of PTFE coating to achieve cost effective performance for mechanical applications such as heat-sealing, release sheets, belting. These products can be used in direct contact with food.

Black Anti-Static Series - Anti static products are made with a specially formulated black PTFE coating. These fabrics eliminates static electricity during operation conductive black products are widely used in the apparel industry as conveyor belts in fusing press machines.

Tear-Resistant Series - Specially formulated PTFE coating provide more flexibility and improve tear resistance. These fabrics are typically used in applications requiring high-flex properties or belting applications with small diameter pulleys.