For Sale - PR - 1563 - PTFE Coated Open-Mesh Fabrics


Reference Number

PR - 1563


PTFE Coated Open-Mesh Fabrics



Product Details

We have developed a full range of open-mesh belting products specifically for Textile and Screen Printing Dryers.

Excellent Properties of our Open Mesh Belts
- Outstanding temperature resistance (from -170 degree Celsius to +260 degree Celsius)
- Resistant to corrosive agents
- Low thermal mass
- Controlled porosity
- Superior non-stick surface, easy to clean
- High dielectric strength
- Dimensional stability
- Resistance to UV, IR and HF
- Non-toxic
- Superior tracking

1. Our open mesh belts are used in screen-printing to transport imprinted materials through drying ovens and cooling chambers. These belts are long lasting and perform well over a wide range of operating temperatures.

2. Our belt fabrication department can supply a wide variety of splices and edge reinforcements in order to respond customer's specific applications. Different constructions of open mesh fabrics are available with Kevlar, Nomex and Fiberglas.

3. Our open mesh belts are used in textile dryers to transport fabrics through drying ovens and cooling chambers.