For Sale - PR - 1604 - PTFE Coating for Corrosion Prevention


Reference Number

PR - 1604


PTFE Coating for Corrosion Prevention



Product Details

We are one of the leading units in Anti-Corrosive, Anti-Abrasion, Heat-Resistant and Non-Stick Coating since last 25 years with up to date foreign technology and most Modern Coating Facilities.

Remarkable Properties
- Temperature ranges from -1000C to + 2600C
- Withstands impact force and elongation upto 30%
- Non-Stick, Non Toxic, Electrical Insulation, Anti - Static, Aging & Combustion Resistance and Release - Surface
- Resistant to almost all Chemicals & Solvents

Typical Application :
Vessels, Agitators, Stirrers, Hoppers, Thermowells, Spindles, Dip-Tubes, Impellers, Pump Housings, Manway Covers, Autoclaves, Sight Glasses, Heat Exchangers, Pressure Filters, Heating Coils, Steam Ejectors, Boiler Dish, Nuclear Parts, Large Diameter pipes
Process Control equipment, Centrifuge Housing, Mushrooms, Valves, Bends, Tees, Floats, Flanges, Springs, Reducers

In addition to Teflon Thick Coating /Lining, we doTeflon/PTFE Non Stick Coating, Teflon Coated Fasteners, Plastic Powder Coating, Teflon Molded Parts, Teflon lined Pipes & Fittings, Teflon Molded Valves & Fittings, Teflon foam Gasket, Spargar Nozzle and Dip Pipe, Adhesive Tape, Teflon Coated Glass Cloth, Porous Plastic Filter Material, Cartridge, Rods, Sheet Molded as per your size, Aerator/Diffuser for Waste water Treatment, Airline Filter Element, Pneumatic Equipment Silencer, Single& Multiple Cartridge, Filter Housing , Imported Filtration Products and Domestic- Water Purifier Countertop 7 Stage