Required - PR - 2669 - Puncture Resistance LDPE Film


Reference Number

PR - 2669


Puncture Resistance LDPE Film



Product Details

We are looking for LDPE Film

- Monthly requirement 2 Ton per Month, details as below

1) LDPE Base Lay flat Tubing:
- Film width 400 mm x film Thickness 38 to 40 Micron x Tubing Micron 76 Micron to 80 Micron

Core Id 71 mm to 75 mm
Each Roll 25 Kg

LDPE Base Material Require with:

Puncture resistance, tear strength, tensile strength, Strong Seal and Low cost

- sealing with 97 kg static load bearing and excellent resistance to puncture
- Moderate compressible strength (Tensile Strength= 93.4 Mpa)
- Strong resilience (Puncture Force= 103 N/mm)
- High resistance to puncture (Dart Drop Impact= 350 g)
- Under extreme pressure does not burst (Tear Strength= 64.5N, Tensile Elongation= 750%)