For Sale - PR - 1747 - PVC Opaque and Translucent Corrugated Roofing Shee


Reference Number

PR - 1747


PVC Opaque and Translucent Corrugated Roofing Shee



Product Details

We manufacture Opaque PVC Corrugated Roofing Sheets in attractive colours and smooth finish on both sides. Their unique resistances to weathering render them the ideal material for decorative and tough roofing application.

UV Stabilized Daylight Sheets. Incorporating the best of imported raw materials, these translucent sheets posses High UV stability, heat distortion resistance and fire retardant properties. Allowing 45-50% of transparency, the sheets create an ambient atmosphere by filtering natural sunlight. The sheets are flexible, light weight and impermeable, thus allowing significant savings in structural cost. With high tensile and fracture strength, the sheets are rust, rodent and termite proof.

Wind Loads - Our Sheets can withstand a load of 200 kg/sq.m without showing any structural distress or failure, for recommended purlin spacing.