For Sale - PR - 3132 - Transparent PVC pipes


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PR - 3132


Transparent PVC pipes



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We are focused on the research and development of PVC raw materials and PVC extrusion profiles.
We have over 3,000 different kinds of PVC formula by far, which can meet any requirement for the customized PVC extrusion profiles and also PVC granules. ( PVC compound)
PVC extrusion including PVC profiles, PVC photo frame strips, PVC pipes and decoration strips.

We are the professional manufacturer of the customized PVC profile and PVC particles.
We are very good at secondary process as well, such as order 10 plus colors for your profiles, drilling holes, 45 degrees cutting, bending pipes for making forts.
Clear profiles, soft and rigid co-extrusion, Foam profiles, etc.

Transparent PVC pipes

Density: 1.38 g/cm³
Hardness: ASTM D2240= 85HD
Vicat soften point = 82 degrees C
Light Transmittance: ASTM D1003 = 96%
Haze level : ASTM D1003 = 2%
FDA certified and passed PAHS and ROHS testing
UL94-V0 certified
Acid and alkali resistant
Shock resistant
Not turn white after creased