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PVC Sheets and PVC Strip Curtain



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We are one of the biggest PVC sheets and PVC strip curtain manufacturer in China. Our products are mainly included:
1) Clear PVC Strip Curtain:
Common type door curtains have good transparency. They effectively stop the loss of cold air or warm air and prevent the invasion of dust and ultraviolet. As a result, they significantly save power consumption of air conditioning systems. They also reduce the dB value of noise, constrain noise from spreading and reduce noise pollution. When used as partition screen, they create multifunctional compartments (operating fields, offices and restrooms) without taking up any space, ensuring the most effective utilization of limited space and improving the comfort in the operation spaces and productivity.

2) Insect-Proof Door Curtains:
Windows in commercial food preparation areas need to comply with the latest food and Hygiene Regulations by fitting a screen which prevents the entry of insects, birds and other infestations. Insect Proof PVC strip curtains are an ideal solution for anywhere that insects are not welcome. Insect proof PVC strip curtains made with a specially formulated repellent material that wards off insects. Sanitation authorities are highly concerned with the hygiene conditions of food and drug handling areas. They are suitable for use in food processing factories, live and fresh food processing centers, feed or beverage manufacturing factories

3) Anti-static door curtains:
Surface electric resistance 104-106; lattice electric resistance 107-109, Used for anti-static protection in processes/work site and for segregation dust-free rooms. Light green tint for identification. Reduces static electricity from objects or persons, dissipating it back into the atmosphere. For use in clean rooms, computer component assembly areas, etc. User should determine suitability of this product for its intended use

4) Polar PVC Strip Curtain:
Super anti-coldness door curtains remain highly soft even at -70, allowing easy passing of people, vehicles and goods and effectively preventing loss of cold air. They have low cost save power because they do not contain electric drive. They do not have any action component and do not produce noise during service. They enhance refrigerating efficiency and reduce operating time of refrigerator, saving as much as 50 percent of power.

5) The Welding PVC Door Curtain:
Kallerians transparent PVC strip curtains are designed to save energy, protect workers, and reduce noise in warehouse and factory applications. Specifically designed for doors that enclose areas where welding is being performed. Its tinted color helps reduce the incidental effects of bright, ultra violet light from welding arcs. Sparks bounce off the thick material, yet it is transparent enough to allow supervisors and others to view the welding area

6) Wide PVC Sheet:
Wide width soft boards: A high-quality plastic-rubber composite material, clear and transparent, with smooth surface and uniform color, Free from cracks or bubbles. It features high withstand capacity to heat and coldness (-30, high resistance to strong acids and alkali, hard pressure, impact, stretch, ageing and has good antistatic property, high transparency and life service life. It finds wide application in electronic, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and garment industries and can be used as workbench top, machine surface and desk top.

Package: Usually, our factory has three kinds of package. Nylon bag, plastic bag, box, and pallets.

- Thickness: 1 mm - 10 mm
- Width: 0.1 m to 1.8 m
- Length: 1 m to 50 m

Colour: Stand clear, blue, yellow, red, dark green, etc. we can make any color depending on your requirement.

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