For Sale - PR - 347 - Reversed Printed PVC Shrink Labels


Reference Numbers

PR - 347


Reversed Printed PVC Shrink Labels



Product Details

We manufacture PVC HEAT SHRINK TUBING FILMS/ REVERSED PRINTED LABELS with 10 colourprinting.


Width of Tube : 10 mm - 800 mm

Surface Finish : Glossy

Standard Color of Film : Crystal Clear Transparent

Thickness Range : 25 to 110 Micron

Std. Thickness of Printed Sleeve : 40 Micron

Shrinkage : M.D. 0 to 20 % T.D. 20 to 55%

Std. Shrinkage for Printed Sleeve : M.D.0-4% T.D.50-55%

Tolerance Range : Thickness +/-4 Micron

Density : 1.38

Printability : Excellent Printing with Rotogravure Technique.

Sealabililty : Excellent with the help of Adhesive

* Tubes and Films are available in all colours both in transparent and opaque.

Principle of Shrink Technology

All Polymer material consist of large molecules, which are linked together with macromolecular forces of attraction. These forces disappear when subjected to mechanical stress or heat and reappear with the release of these stresses


* Cosmetics : Telcum Powders, Perfumes, Hair Oils, Soaps, Tooth Powders, Soaps/ Detergent cakes, Detergent Cartoons etc.

* Consumer Products : Computer Floppyes, C.d., Audio-Video Cassettes, Stoves, Gas Stoves, Gas Cylinder Ink Bottles, Water colors, Paper Napkins etc.

* Food Products : Mineral Water, Soft Drinks, Juice, Pickles, and Edible Oil, Tea Packets, Poultry, Fresh and Canned Fruits.

* Electronics : Electrolytic Capacitors, Connectors, Dry Battery Cell etc.

* Pesticides : Aluminium and HDPE Bottles/ Carton Packing etc.

* Pharmaceuticals : Ointments, for all Plastic & Glass Bottles and Carton etc.

* Engineering Goods & Automobile : Spare Parts, Tools, Accessories, Hardware etc.

* Electrical : H.T. and L.T.Bus Bar, Cables, Wires etc.

* Others : Crockery, Glass wares, Cutlery, Toys Welding Electrode, Liquor Bottle, Combipack, Twin Pack and Promotional Pack (gift scheme with products, playing cards, stationers etc.

Merits of our products

* PVC Shrink Film gives Dust, Moisture, Waterproof Packing and not hand tearable.

* High Transparency of our Film providing the laminated looks to ordinary boxes and containers.

* Our Multi-Colour Sleeves are Reverse Printed, it is scratch proof, thus getting laminated look too.

* The Products packed with our PVC Shrink Sleeves will reach the customer's hand with manufacturers seal without counterfeiting.

* The Products packed with our PVC Shrink Sleeves will be pilfer proof, tamper evident moisture and fungus proof. It help for a long shelf life.

* Does not require adhesive as the inherent quality of the material helps the label to shrink and fit perfectly around the container.

* Economic packing as compared to corrugated boxes. The Sleeves are suitable for single and multi packed boxes, this will help to reduce the cost of carton

* Shock Resistant (in the field of Electricals and Electronics), preventing damages of product during transportation.

* Unique construction- Our Shrink Film can be employed as a structural or functional part. The high finish shrink energy of the film can provide gripping and effect of that gives a complete package a "new set of muscles"

* Our PVC Heat Shrink Tubes are available in all sizes from 10 mm to 800 mm width in roll form, pouch in all shapes, cut pieces with or without horizontal and vertical perforation.

Storage Instruction

PVC Heat Shrink Tubes, Films and Printed Sleeves are heat sensitive. it should be kept in its original packing at room temperature below 300C, avoiding exposure to heat and direct sunlight. Layflat quality may deteriorate after long storage depends on film type, roll length and storage conditions. Use the material within a period of 60 days from the date of acceptance.