For Sale - PR - 2178 - Rigid PVC Film - Credit Card Grade


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PR - 2178


Rigid PVC Film - Credit Card Grade



Product Details

Rigid PVC Film - Poly Vinyl Chloride Film - Card Grade is specially treated on its surface to have a fine grain, which is suitable for printing. The material is also curve resistance, impact resistance and has excellent lamination ability. After printing and laminating, this material can be made into credit cards, I.D. cards, registration cards, playing cards, luggage tag etc. Combing with vacuum process, it can also be used for three dimensional advertisement boards.

- Application: Credit card overlay, core film, ID card lamination, luggage tag,
- Thickness: 0.05mm - 1.0 mm (1 gauge - 25 gauge)
- Width: 30 cm - 240 cm (11.8 inch - 94.5 inch)
- Roll size: 27cm - 100 cm (10.6 inch - 39 inch)
- Color: Color can be custom matched
- Silicon coating: None, light, medium, heavy, 1 side or 2 sides
- Special note: Custom slitting and cutting into sheets is possible

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