For Sale - PR - 2174 - Rigid PVC Film - Food Grade


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PR - 2174


Rigid PVC Film - Food Grade



Product Details

PolyVinyl Chloride Film - Food Grade is made according to the special non-toxic formula (conforms to Taiwan CNS, Japan's PL and the U.S.A. FDA specifications) which ensures the sanitation of food packaging. In addition, this material has outstanding forming ability and is impact resistance, which made it an excellent choice for food packaging.

- Application: Clamshells, thermoform packaging, fruit container
- Thickness: 0.15 mm - 1.0 mm (6 gauge - 25 gauge)
- Width: 30 cm - 240 cm (11.8 inch - 94.5 inch)
- Roll size: 27 cm - 100 cm (10.6 inch - 39 inch)
- Color:
a. Clear PVC film has two tones: Standard blue tint and nature tint
b. Color film can be semi-transparent or solid color
- Silicon Coating: None, light, medium, heavy, 1 side or 2 sides
- Special note: Custom slitting and cutting into sheets is possible.

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