For Sale - PR - 2177 - Rigid PVC Film - Stationery Grade


Reference Numbers

PR - 2177


Rigid PVC Film - Stationery Grade



Product Details

Rigid PVC Film - Stationery Grade is tough, high impact resistance and can be easy heated for lamination and coloring processes. The material satisfies the requirements of stationery fabrication, which can be easily punched cut, laminated and heat sealed to make albums, rulers, file folders, etc. It also can be embossed to make protective covers for CD. By request, this material can also be made anti-static and other special requirements.

- Application: Protective covers, binders, album, file folder, brochure holder
- Thickness: 0.05 mm to 1.0 mm (1 gauge - 25 gauge)
- Width: 30 cm - 240 cm (11.8 inch - 94.5 inch)
- Roll Size: 27 cm - 100 cm (10.6 inch - 39 inch)
- Color: Color can be custom matched
- Special note: Custom slitting and cutting into sheets is possible.

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