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PR - 2115


Rigid PVC Pipes



Product Details

Rigid PVC pipes conform to IS-4985 specifications, manufactured in state-of-the-art plant with latest manufacturing technology under strict quality control.

Our rigid PVC pipes are best preferred for disposal of chemical effluent and waste, acid slurries transportation, irrigation in agricultural farms, water supply, telecommunication cable ducting etc.

Our rigid PVC pipes have been preferred over other available resources due to varied salient features:
- Strong and durable: Our rigid P.V.C. pipes and fittings are strong, impact resistant and unaffected by weather conditions.

- Light weight: Are easy to handle, transport and install even on difficult terrain.

- Convenient joining

- Energy saving: Are completely free from leaks. Have smooth internal surface which implies low frictional loss. Hence power consumption is on lower side.

- Leak proof: Have smoother bore in comparison to AC and GI pipes which ensures a better flow.

- Safe: Are self extinguishing with good thermal and electric insulation.

- Resistant to:
a. Moisture.
b. Corrosion.
c. Chemicals.
d. Abrasion.
e. Wearing.

- Better flow characteristic: There is no deposit formation which implies better flow.

- Termite proof and UV resistant: Are termite proof and resistant to ultra-violet rays.

- Longer lasting and maintenance free: Are free from corroding factors, hence last longer and require minimum maintenance.

1) Domestic: Portable water supply scheme in urban areas.

2) Industrial:
- Disposal of chemical effluent and waste
- Acid and slurries transportation
- Salt water handling

3) Agricultural: Irrigation schemes for agricultural purpose.

Product Range:
1) Pipes:
- Plain: 20 mm to 315 mm
- Selfit: 20 mm to 315 mm

2) Injection molded fittings (20 mm - 200 mm):
- Coupler
- Tea
- Service saddle
- Threaded elbow
- Threaded end cap
- Reducing FTA
- Elbow
- Plain end cap
- Reducer
- Tail piece
- Threaded tee