For Sale - PR - 1887 - Sanitized PPR Plumbing System


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PR - 1887


Sanitized PPR Plumbing System



Product Details

India's First Anti Microbial PPR Plumbing System, Coated with Sanitized Under technical collaboration with Sanitized AG of Switzerland

Only products, whose antimicrobial efficiency has been confirmed with internationally recognized test methods and which meet the Sanitized quality standards are permitted to carry the Sanitized trademark. The Sanitized Quality Seal is an indication that VECTUS PPR Plumbing System matches the internationally preferred quality standards and offer additional hygiene benefits to its users.

Unbeatable Features: Benefits that make VECTUS Sanitized PPR Pipes better than G.I. pipes as well as other PPR pipes & fittings.
- Corrosion Resistant: The Corrosion and clogging resistant VECTUS PPR Plumbing System is dependable for years after years.
- Anti Microbial: VECTUS PPR Plumbing System is coated with Sanitized anti microbial coating resulting in hygienic supply of water.
- Long Life: Long maintenance free service life of over 100 years.
- Smooth inside Bore: Smooth inside bore reduces frictional losses, ensuring higher flow and thus saving on electricity cost.
- Unique Jointing: The unique socket fusion jointing procedure ensures homogenous leak proof jointing.
- Light Weight: Easy to handle and saving transportation costs.
- Cost Effective: No additional material cost incurred in installation as there is no requirement of any kind of hacksaw, Teflon tape, safeda, dori, etc.
- Leak proof and frost proof.
- Resistance to high temperature (930 C).
- Heat preservative and energy saving.
- Taste and odour neutral.
- UV stabilized.

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