For Sale - PR - 2044 - Self Stable Multilayer Pouch for Curry Paste


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PR - 2044


Self Stable Multilayer Pouch for Curry Paste



Product Details

- We have developed a special multilayer pouch for curries specifically for developing country where there are constraints in energy supplies (power cuts), transportation and distribution.
- We have achieved shelf life of 60 to 90 days at room temperature with no refrigeration.
- Many developing nations like India have frequent power cuts and lack of cold storage and deep freezing facilities. There can be shortage of refrigeration vans for distribution and placement of the product in super markets. It is estimated that 6.6 billion USD worth of produce gets perished due to lack of storage and distribution facilities.
- Dual income families are left with little time for cooking. Different flavors of packaged curry paste, not only reduces their cooking time but also gives them variety and does not take away the pleasure of home cooking. They can purchase the paste in different flavors and add to it vegetarian / non vegetarian pre boiled items and the food is ready in 20 minutes which otherwise would have taken 3-4 hours.
- This concept has been duly tried in call centers, community kitchens and food courts where the advantage of instant preparation is achieved at economical cost.
- With use of barrier flexible packaging films and excellent temperature resistance of 100 Degree Centigrade, sterilization is possible. This concept brings economy of scale reduction in preparation time and ultimate economics in favor of working women.

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