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PR - 1746


Sewing Threads



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We manufacture sewing threads of HDPE or PP for industrial packaging applications like stitching the sacks of HDPE, PP or Jute meant for packing fertilizers, chemicals pesticides, cements etc. The newly developed sewing thread has been found to be the best substitute for the material alternatively available in the market. These alternative materials are either very expensive or very poor in strength our sewing thread has a very favorable cost versus strength ratio.

The industries engaged in the manufacture of HDPE / PP woven sacks were normally using, for stitching their bags, the ordinary flat tapes produced for weaving. These flat tapes of HDPE of PP being rectangular in section become very rough with sharp pointed corners when twisted. This does not flow freely through the needles of the sewing machines. Thus the speed of stitching gets reduced and normally there will be stoppages due to breaking of the tapes. To prevent tape breaking, if heavier denier is chosen it becomes rougher and can cause the breakages of the needles of the sewing machine. These problems are totally unmanageable in case of PP tapes. It is manageable to some extent with HDPE tapes as being done by many all these years but the search for a better substitute was continuing and the suitable alternative thread available used to be very expansive.

We have produced the kind of sewing thread everybody in the industry was looking for. Price wise it is cheaper and quality wise it is comparable to the best and the costliest sewing thread available earlier in the market. Our sewing thread is manufactured out of HDPE or PP (mainly HDPE ) fibrillated and twisted, so that it takes a round shape and is of smoother and softer consistency. This makes it flow through the needles of the sewing machines at high speeds and stitching done without any stoppage. Further for higher strength if the denier is to be increased it can be handled without any problem. Even the higher denier sewing thread is round in section smoother and softer and so can be used without any difficulty.