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PR - 1829


Tubes, Rods, Blocks of Engineering Plastics



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Vinit Performance Polymers are speciality company engaged in conversion of new generation engineering plastics into stock shapes used for machining of engineering components performing under demanding conditions of load, friction, wear, thermal/electrical insulation and corrosive environment.

Our company manufactures stock shapes namely rods, blocks and tubes in the range of 6 mm dia to 200 mm dia from variety of performance polymers. They include polyolefin's (HDPE/PP) for moderate thermal and load conditions with average to good chemical corrosion properties. Polyamides (Nylon 6 and 6.6) for low friction and load bearing capacity. Polyacetal (Homo and Co Polymer) and Polyester for electrical as well as bearing properties with dimensional stability. New generation polymers like Polyethersulfone (PES) and Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) are also processed for applications requiring good mechanical properties at elevated thermal conditions. The product range is further complemented with regular sourcing from the company's global trade partners.

The product range covers spectrum of applications in wide variety of industries. The company has successfully employed its products in textile machinery, Material handling, transportation, machine building, paper, mining, steel, marine, chemical, electrical-electronics and food Pharmaceutical machinery sectors. The company provides technical assistance for material selection and component design.

An ISO 9001:2000 certified organization the company ensures highest quality standards for its products and services.

Stock shapes of engineering plastics
Rods - Tubes - Blocks
Plates - Sheets

Machined Components
- PA 6 (Nylon 6) Natural / MOS2 filled
- PA 66 (Nylon 66) Natural / MOS2 filled
- POM (Polyacetal homo / Co Polymer)
- PP
- UHMW (Natural/Black/Green)
- PEEK (Polyetheretherketone)
- Cast Polyamide

Machined components as per customers drawings.

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