For Sale - PR - 1532 - Twin wall roto - moulded non pressure PE pipes


Reference Numbers

PR - 1532


Twin wall roto - moulded non pressure PE pipes

Product Details

Our pipes are an alternative to conventional heavy concrete pipes. Our roto molded pipe system is not only price competitive, bur is also light weight, easy to transport and install.
Our rotational moulded pipes are durable and very tough and strong due to its design.

Unique Features:

Weight: Pipes weighs less than 10% as compared to concrete pipes.

Transport: The low weight combined with high strength, makes transportation easier and far cheaper.

Handling the pipes is much easier. No need for heavy lifting gear.

Damage: 20% of the concrete pipes are often damaged during transport. Rotational moulded pipes are strong and have good impact resistance.

The pipe system is very versatile. Even at site one may cut to size or adapt to possible changes due to unexpected problems.

Environment friendly: Pipes are made of fully recyclable PE.