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uPVC SWR Pipes and Fittings



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Sudhakar Ultra Violet Radiation Resistant uPVC SWR pipes & fittings are complete set of two basic varieties self type & seal ring type. These pipes & fittings confirm to national and international standards.

uPVC SWR Pipes:
Sudhakar Group Of Industries manufacture SWR seal ring and self it pipes of 75 mm and 110 mm with Type - A and Type-B specifications confirming to IS: 13592/92. Also SGI manufacture 75 mm and 110 mm-commercial SWR pipes like Sandya and Kaveri. Sudhakar SWR pipes normally manufactured in uniform length of 3 meters with plain ends both the sides and also with self socket one end. Varied lengths can be manufactured according to customer requirements

Self it & Seal Ring uPVC Fittings:
Sudhakar Group Of Industries manufacture following self it & seal ring uPVC SWR fittings of 75 mm and 110 mm.
- Coupler
- Repair coupler
- Bend 87.5 Degree with and without door
- Bend 45 Degree
- Tee with and without door
- Cleansing pipe
- Single Y with and without door
- Double Y with and without door
- Reducer
- Vent cowl
- Pipe clip
- Seal ring adaptor
- Door cap
- P-trap
- Q-trap
- Nahani trap with and without jali
- Multi floor trap with and without jali
- Round, square jali
- Pipe connector with and without lip ring

Self it:
One end of the fittings is plain and other end is with a socket. Two ends can be easily joined by using suitable solvent cement coat. This strong solvent bond ensures an excellent chemical bonding at fixing point, strong enough to withstand all adverse conditions.

Seal ring:
These fittings are just a convert of self it fittings. Self it fittings can be easily converted Into a seal ring type fittings just by adding a seal ring adaptor over socket-after mounting the adaptor over the socket end of self fit fittings with snap fit, that forms a groove seat for rubber gasket (0 ring), this joint, when joined with the rubber gasket makes it cent percent leak proof.

Features & advantages:
- Light weight:
Sudhakar U.V resistant uPVC pipes & fittings are made of virgin uPVC resin. They are light weight, hence easy to handle and install.

- Durability:
An ultra violet resistant pigment used in compound enables Sudhakar uPVC SWR pipes 8 fittings to withstand all climatic conditions.

- High flow rate:
Uniform wall thickness, internal smooth surface gives a smooth, silent and quick flow of liquids and waste materials.

- Heat resistant:
Sudhakar U.V resistant uPVC SWR pipes & fittings withstand temperature ranging from 5 to 60 Degree.

- Shock proof:
Non-conductivity of electricity ensures complete safety

- Long life:
Sudhakar U.V Resistant uPVC SWR pipes & fittings being non-toxic, non-corrosive and resistant to chemicals help in prolonged life of the product.

- Chemical resistant:
Unprecedented chemical resistant of the Sudhakar pipes & fittings to acids and chemicals makes it suitable for drainage and other applications.

- Low installation cost:
Light weight, flexibility and use of pre-fabrication techniques can reduce the installation cost substantially.

- Cost effective:
Sudhakar U.V. resistant uPVC SWR pipes and fittings are superior to the conventional drainage systems like C.I.A.C. and mud pipes and fittings are 30-40 percent cheaper than most sought C.I. drainage systems.

Hi-tech machinery, accurate moulds and dies and precision components. Excellent workshop to provide maintenance and service. Wide range to suit every pipe and need-nationwide dealership network and service back up facilities.

Sudhakar uPVC SWR systems have a wide range of applications. It is suitable for soil. It is used to maintain the flow of waste and rainwater in the high-rise buildings, complexes, offices, schools and colleges, hostels, hospitals, airports, railway stations, bus terminals. They are also suitable to drain out the industrial wastage in chemical plants, sugar plants, milk and food processing plants. They work as a best alternative to the asbestos cement and cast iron systems.

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