For Sale - PR - 443 - uPVC S.W.R.Drainage Systems


Reference Number

PR - 443


uPVC S.W.R.Drainage Systems



Product Details

uPVC SWR drainage system as per IS : 13592

We offer uPVC SWR pipes & fitting, ideal for both residential and commercial premises of any height, due to its superior properties as compared to conventional systems such as C.I.& Absestos.

Product Range

110 mm pipe for draining of nightsoil. Fixtures such as latrines and urinals are connected through branch pipes.

75 mm size pipe for draining waste matter. Fixtures such as baths, sinks and washbasins are connected through branch pipes.

A variety of fittings to suit both pipes are available.

Advantages of uPVC S.W.R.Drainage Systems

* Easy handling, transportation & installation. The lightweight & flexible pre-fabricated subsystems result in substantial savings of time and money.

* Unaffected by a wide range of chemicals.

* High Flow Rate throughout life due to smooth internal surface.

* Non-flammable

* Non-Conductive and corrosion resistant.

* Excellent outdoor weathering performance due to specially blended UV stabilised compound.

* Aesthetic Superiority to conventional CI and AC systems

* Special treatment at compounding stage ensures that the product is immune from rodent attacks.

* Trouble-free functioning saves on inspection & maintenance costs.

* Not prone to mechanical damages due to handling and transportation due to high impact strength.


uPVC SWR fittings are equipped with a unique collar-piece with moulded grooves to completely eliminate possible displacement of the elastomeric ring at the time of installation. Jointing also possible with solvent cement.