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PR - 2170


Virgin PET Sheets



Product Details

JoshBLIS Sheets are offered in rolls / cut sheets with the following specifications.
- Thickness range: 0.20 to 0.80 mm
- Thickness tolerance: +/- 5 percent (max)
- Width: as per customer requirement (Max. 1200 mm)
- Roll core: Cardboard with 76 mm ID
- Colour: Clear untinted (standard)
- Tinted and opaque shades as per requirement
- Standard Product: Single layer APET Sheets

Typical properties for Standard JoshBLIS sheets:
1) Density: 1.33 - 1.35 gms/cc
- ASTM test method: D1505
2) Tensile Strength at Yield: 59 MPa
- ASTM test method: D882
3) Elongation at Break (%): 100 min.
- ASTM test method: D882
4) Tensile Modulus of Elasticity: 2400 MPa
- ASTM test method: D882
5) Dart Drop Impact Strength (12.7 mm dia. head 660 mm drop ht): 400 gms
- ASTM test method: D1709A
6) Light Transmission: 87 percent
- ASTM test method: D1003 (mod)
7) Water Vapor Transmission: 6.0 gms/mm/sqM/24 hrs
- ASTM test method: F372
8) Gas Permeability - oxygen (at atmospheric pressure): 5.0 cc/mm/sqM/24 hrs
- ASTM test method: D3985
9) Softening Point (Tg): 78 Degree C
- ASTM test method: D648
10) Heat Distortion Temperature:
a. 69 Degree C (ASTM test method: D648-A)
b. 73 Degree C (ASTM test method: D648-B)

Applications of JoshBLIS Sheets:
1) Blister packaging
- Pharmaceutical and medical industries - medical disposables and medical devices for diagnostics and surgery
- Consumer goods - tooth brushes, shaving blades, battery cells
- Personal hygiene products - single use rigid pouches for hair oils, shampoos which currently use flexible packaging
- Processed foods - single portion packing of sauces, pickles, butter etc which are used in the catering industry

2) Thermoforming:
- Fast foods and takeaway and beverage industry - salads, sandwiches, ice-cream parlor cups, desserts, bakery items, mithai, tea coffee and drinks cups
- Pre-packed retail foods and confectionary - chocolate and biscuit trays, nuts, dried fruits, mithai boxes, ice-cream, butter and cream tubs and cups etc
- Farm Produce - boxes for strawberries and other berries, boxes and separators for packing of high value fruit and vegetables, herbs, egg cartons etc
- Point of purchase display packaging - electrical, electronic, tools, toys, stationary etc
- Technical packaging - packaging and tray handling of electronic items

3) Fabricated packing:
- Apparel - boxes for shirts, ties, ladies hosiery and shirt accessories etc.
- Gift and novelty items - toys, dolls, beauty aids - scents, brushes etc

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