For Sale - PR - 3419 - PE/ PP Woven Fabric


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PR - 3419


PE/ PP Woven Fabric



Product Details

PP fabric/PE fabric are Woven Polypropylene Fabric and Woven Polyethylene Fabric, and are produced from virgin polypropylene and polyethylene mixed with specific additives. These textiles are noted for their strong tensile strength, dimensional stability, and ability to exceeding customer expectations.

Our improved fabric is used in extreme conditions, such as packing fish in Iceland, protecting steel coils from rusting, packing barley for beer, avoiding moisture from entering homes through house wraps and roof underlayments, expands the life expectancy of roads with geotextiles, storing water through ground covers, and so on.

Features & Benefits
Applications that require direct cold or heat resistance
It can also be used to cover railway wagons,aircraft, trailer trucks,
tempos, trucks, and large machines
Bale wrap, pallet sheets, pallet lining,
and various reinforcements
High density, PP/HDPE woven fabric
Lightweight, flexible,easy to handle,transport and use
100% Recyclable, an
Eco Friendly film