Required - PR - 3464 - HDPE Pipe


Reference Number

PR - 3464





Product Details

We are looking for:-
HDPE Pipe 250 mm (PN 16)
4,008 Metres
Diameter:-250 mm
Length:-10 - 12 mts
The wall thickness shall be in accordance to BS EN ISO 4427- 2:2007 or latest standard
CWA markings and blue Strips - Colour Black
For Water Authority
The supplier must have at least Three(3) years of experience in manufacturing and supply of HDPE Pipes

Test certificate for the raw materials should be as follows:
Compound Density shall comply to ISO 6964 Carbon Black Content
Melt Mass Flow Rate (MFR) shall conform to ISO 1133-1

HDPE Couplers 250 mm Fusion (PN 16 and PE 100)
Electrofusion fittings shall comply with the relevant provisions of BS EN 12201-3.