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RM - 2042

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Biobased Injection Molding Grade Polyester

Environmental responsibility is a major trend among industry leading brand owners and OEMs. We offer biobased resin providing the industry with sustainable alternatives to conventional plastics. It meets the demands of environmentally-conscious companies and consumers making a positive impact on global climate change. Our polymer starts with nature and ends with nature. It harmlessly biodegrades in all of these environments:
- Industrial and home composting
- Soil
- Municipal waste treatment facilities, septic systems.
- Wetlands, streams, and oceans.

We offer high performance, semi-crystalline natural polyester specifically engineered for high modulus injection molding applications. Mirel resins are innovative and versatile solutions suitable for a wide variety of applications.
Product Attributes
- High modulus
- High gloss
- Heat resistance
- Easy Processing

Our resins are certified to ASTM D 6400/ EN 13432 for compostable plastics, and D7081 / EN 17556 for non-floating biodegradable plastics in marine environment.

Potential Applications
- Food service ware: Single serves containers, caps, lids and trays.
- Consumer and packaging: Cosmetic cases and lipsticks.