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RM - 2062

Product Details

Heat resistant Cellulose Biodegradable Polymer Blends - We offer an innovative heat resistant Cellulose blend. In Vicat test our blend achieves a temperature rating of 117 degree C. This exceeds the value of standard polystyrene. Most biodegradable polymers usually begin to deform at temperatures above 65 degree C.
The material can be injection moulded without problems on standard machines with a general purpose screw.

Products made of we have the following major advantages:
- Properties comparable to PS
- Compostable to EN 13432
- DIN Certco certified (7W0072)
- Food contact approved
- Contains more than 60% renewable resource material and natural fillers
- Heat resistant up to 1200 C
- Can be processed on conventional injection moulding machines
- Up to 100% recyclable

Applications: Cutlery, Technical parts, Urns