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RM - 2057



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Our TPO- Thermoplastics Olefins are the family of TPE that gives excellent impact strength over high bearing capacity.

- Automotive and Industrial: Dash board elements, bumpers, soft nose bumpers, window profile and seals, protective covers, bellows, boots, floor mats, knobs, Gear knobs, flexible grip, mirror case tubes, extruded items, coke strap, co- extruded gaskets, trim, H-band, dust protective cover, push button for electronic key, little mat for glove box. Engine Compartment water drain, connecting clips and spool for cable passage. Gasket for air passage flop door, bonnet closure, triangular window, and instrument board coating, washers for air outlet, splash guards, cowling for head lights, anti vibrating (fin protection), bellows for cable passage (blow moulding) etc. Chemical tube, Industrial purpose tires and wheels, o-ring.

Electrical & Electronics: Welding cables, high frequency cable, power communication, cable, fiber optic connector, Nesting transfer bobbins, zero halogen compound (HFFRLS) for cable, connector for Aerospace and wheels, o-ring.

Special Application: Chemical tubes, Industrial purpose tires & wheels, O rings, Co-Moulded items.